Beyond The Carpets ~ Expanding Access To Education

Weaving is a prime source of income and living for many carpet weavers and artisans in Bhadohi.

At IAG, we are deeply concerned with the indispensable need and unique challenges faced by locals. In line with our philosophy of playing a significant role in elevating and refining the city we thrive in, our employees and associates volunteer their time and experience to give back the society where we work.

Child labor is a persistent problem in India and combating this tricky issue needs quick fix opportunities for action. IAG’s approach to tackle and culminate this perturbing problem is demonstrated through our initiative of tapping education and rehabilitating child workers.


Located on the bank of River Ganges in a remote village near Mirzapur, our school imparts education to around 450 students, studying in various grades – from Nursery to Grade 10.

Expanding over a vicinity of over 1 acre, the school is located in a four-storied building with admirable sanitation facilities and a spacious playground. Operated by a group of 22 teachers, the institute is led by Indian Art Gallery’s Founders and Board Members.

With a focus to support the underprivileged, we aim to empower young minds of the village by providing FREE education and inspiring the next generation of innovators.

Brick-by-Brick … We Build The Nation

We work as a part of our journey to uplift the nation with a more promising future. In 2010, we founded MIR High School with a rock-solid foundation of moulding socially responsible citizens. As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, the school provides free education, books, uniform, meals and other daily necessities to the village children.Our carpet designers are well equipped experts and use the most advanced software for designing the stunning and elegant carpets.

Keeping in view our initiative to expand access to equitable education for all village children, MIR High School has been an integral part of IAG community. Giving back to society is, in fact, weaved in our work style as we firmly believe in strengthening learning opportunities for village, above and beyond carpet weaving. Besides, we follow a number of stringent practices to avert the presence of any component of child labor employed at any stage of our carpet manufacturing process, including:

  • Competitive adult wages are offered to obviate the very motive for employing children
  • Support offered to our workers to educate themselves and their family members
  • Invest ethically in our clients and vendors to ensure that they support the sustainable humane practices of not including child labor at their work place
  • Regularly educating our staff on child labor issues along with encouraging them to take positive actions

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